Was Not Brought

Hospital & Community Health Appointments

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Policy

This policy will assist all health professionals working in the hospital and community in determining the level of risk and the most appropriate course of action to take in situations where an individual (child or adult) is unseen at home or where they are not brought to appointments.

GP Appointments

Guidance for City & Hackney GPs

Guidance for GPs in the City and Hackney for children not brought to health appointments (previously DNA)

Dental Appointments

British Dental Association Guidance

Members of the dental team are in a position where they may identify the signs of abuse or neglect or hear something that causes them concern. The dental teams have an ethical responsibility to find out about local protection procedures for adults, children and young people and to follow them if they are or might be at risk of abuse or neglect (Standards for the Dental Team. GDC, 2013​​).

Resources for Parents

Poster and Leaflet Aimed at Parents and Carers

CHSCP resources which can be shared with parents and carers to support understanding around what to do if unable to bring their child to an appointment. The resources also explains the professional network response when their child is not brought to an appointment.