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Private fostering is the term used when someone who is not a parent or a ‘close relative’  is looking after a child or young person under the age of 16 (under 18 if they are disabled) for 28 days or more in their own home. It also covers children who stay at a residential school for more than two weeks of the school holidays.

Everyone who works with children and young people has a shared responsibility to ensure that privately fostered children are well cared for and are safeguarded from harm. Professionals and volunteers from all sectors can play an important role in identifying and notifying Children’s Services of private fostering arrangements and by ensuring parents and carers are fully aware of their responsibilities.  By monitoring and supervising private fostering placements we can all help to safeguard children who may be at risk of abuse or neglect.

In partnership with the Ineqe Safeguarding Group, the CHSCP has launched a new App to help everyone better understand this important safeguarding issue.  Easy to access & simple to understand, the Private Fostering App is the go-to guide that fits right in your pocket.Get our new Private Fostering App by downloading the CHSCP poster below and scanning the QR codes.  Alternatively, go to the App Store or Google Play.

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