Early Help in Hackney

The CHSCP's Early Help Strategy

Early Help in Hackney involves connected services working together to ensure that all Hackney’s children and young people, and their families, have access to the opportunities, resources and support needed to set them up for whole-life success.

Hackney's Targeted Early Help Arrangements

Between 2019-2022, Hackney Council undertook a comprehensive review of the Council’s internal Early Help Model in consultation with parents and young people, schools, partner agencies and staff.  The review assessed the effectiveness and accessibility of pathways into early help and how the existing organisation of provision reflected current and projected patterns of need within Hackney.  This process has produced a refreshed vision for early help in Hackney and identified a series of operational changes we have been embedding since January 2022.

Requesting Targeted Early Help Support

Before completing a ‘Request for Support‘, please refer to the Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework and watch the CHSCP’s guidance videos below.  These provide detailed guidance on the key steps that you need to take and advice on how to determine the most appropriate level of support.  

The Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework

The Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework is designed to equip professionals working across the safeguarding partnership to know how to respond when they have a concern about a child in Hackney.  It is an essential tool for all safeguarding practitioners and will help them better understand whether a referral is needed for a statutory social work response or whether an early help or universal service response is sufficient.  If further action is needed, the guidance makes explicit the required steps that must be undertaken.

Request for Support Form

The Request for Support form should always be used when requesting Targeted Early Help or a Statutory Social Work response for a child or young person and their family (levels 2, 3 or 4 of the Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework). If you are unclear about the process or whether a Request for Support is needed, please call 020 8356 5500 and ask for a ‘consultation’.

Step Up Step Down Protocol

The needs of children and families can fluctuate over time and move across one or more tiers of the Hackney Child Wellbeing Framework. The Step Up Step Down protocol has been developed to help facilitate smooth transitions and ensure we are providing the right support at the right time.