Policies, Procedures & Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

London Child Protection Procedures

Tri-x has released a range of resources on Coronavirus (COVID-19) via the London CP Procedures.  They cover Children Services, Safeguarding Partnerships, Local Authority Children’s Homes, Independent Children’s Homes, Independent Fostering Agencies, a Foster Carers Handbook, and Regional Adoption Agencies (guidance for Adults Services to follow).

Strategy Discussions

Hackney Protocol

A practical guide for Hackney professionals about when strategy discussions should be convened, who needs to be involved and what factors need to be considered.

Strategy Discussions

Agenda Template

When participating in a Strategy Discussion,  this template will help you follow the process and understand the different decisions that need to be made by involved agencies.


Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy Guidance

All organisations (both safeguarding partners and all designated relevant agencies) should have a clear safeguarding & child protection policy that sets out how they will keep children safe and how they will respond to child protection concerns. This is a basic requirement of our local safeguarding arrangements.

The CHSCP has released new guidance to help organisations write such a policy and how to structure it for best effect. Organisations should include the core elements of this guidance, alongside any specific requirements relevant to their respective sectors.


Referral & Statutory Assessments

Mental Health

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities

Safeguarding Adolescents

Early Help

Female Genital Mutilation

Looked After Children

Missing Children

Preventing Terrorism

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Think Family