Say Something if You See Something (Nov 15)

Say Something if You See Something (Nov 15)

The Hackney Youth Parliament, working in partnership with the City and Hackney Safeguarding Children Board (CHSCB), announced the launch of a campaign to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation at their recent Youth Conference.

The campaign, which will begin in early 2016 follows on from an awareness-raising campaign run by Hackney Council, CHSCP and NSPCC, aimed at informing parents and professionals.

The Youth Conference took place at Young Hackney The Edge youth centre on Saturday 14 November. The theme was Mind, Body and Soul and, in addition to some hard-hitting elements, such as a short drama about CSE performed by Alter Ego Theatre, there were a range of activities focusing on making young people in Hackney feel happier, healthier and safer.

Hackney Youth Parliament member Beth Foster-Ogg, age 18, said: ‘The Youth Conference was a unique experience – a chance to share our opinions and let our voices be heard. We feel the campaign to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation in the City and in Hackney will be important because it is a sensitive topic, not discussed widely enough. We need to encourage young people to say something if they see something – they have to know the signs of CSE, and they have to know who to speak to if they are concerned for a friend or someone they know.’’

If you are concerned about a young person who may be caught up in gangs, sexual exploitation or radicalisation you can call the NSPCC helpline at any time: 0808 800 5000, email or text 88858.

Children and young people who need to talk to someone can phone ChildLine at any time of the day 0800 1111 or chat one-to-one on the ChildLine website

Young people interested in getting involved in Hackney Youth Parliament should email: