Learning from Case Reviews – Home Visits (Jan 16)

Learning from Case Reviews – Home Visits (Jan 16)

Visit me at home…make sure I am safe.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Children spend a lot of time at home (and a lot of time in bed!).  By the age of two, most children have spent more time asleep than awake and overall, a child will spend 40 percent of his or her childhood asleep.

Yet despite how often children are at home, we know from two recent case reviews (Child E and Child K), that even when a range of professionals are involved sometimes infrequent or no visiting takes place by anyone to check on the home circumstances.

Both of these cases involved chronic neglect with extremely poor home conditions.  If someone had visited it is likely that concerns would have been identified and the children protected much earlier.

  • You may be worried about a child and thinking about making a referral to The City C&F Team or Hackney FAST.
  • You may be working with a family as part of an early help plan
  • You may be working with a family where the child is on a Child in Need Plan, a Child Protection Plan or in Care.

In all circumstances, ask yourself…”Who has seen the child at home and when did this take place?” and if you can’t answer this, speak with your manager or another professional and make sure this happens.

Download the Home Visits poster HERE.