Group A/B/C: Small Steps Reducing Extremism Through Education



17 March 2021

10.00 – 12.00

Group A/B/C


Limited Spaces

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Course details:

Aim of the course

Far-right extremism is a challenge in the UK. Small Steps is a network of individuals and organisations dedicated to creating safer schools, local areas and communities. Reducing Extremism Through Education is a comprehensive 2 hour combined awareness and counter narrative training for practitioners, frontline staff and faith and community groups. The awareness section of the training will see the trainers sharing their real life experiences as well as outlining how the far-right affects young peoples lives, as individuals, their families and friends. The counter-narrative session seeks to empower participants to counter the far-right and reduce the appeal of far-right extremism both online and off.  


By the end of the training participants will have learned:

  • Different type of far-right organisations operating.
  • Grooming and training techniques used by the far-right.
  • Signs and symptoms to look out for.
  • Counter narratives to far-right arguments.
  • Engagement/ Difficult Conversation skills.

Facilitators: Small Steps.