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Contextual Safeguarding

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Contextual Safeguarding is an innovative approach to understanding and responding to harm that young people might face outside of their family home, where often parents and carers have limited influence. In these instances the safeguarding partnership, which does have influence over these extra-familial contexts, need to be able to identify and plan appropriate interventions in order to safeguard young people from harm.

Since 2017 Hackney Children’s Social Care have been working with the partnership to embed contextual safeguarding into practitioners day to day practice and change the social care system to ensure children are safeguarded from harm outside of their home as well as within it. The team are offering monthly lunchtime seminars to give members of the safeguarding partnership a better understanding of the risks young people face and how to better identify and reduce these risks.

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday 10th June 2021, 18:00 -19:30
  • Monday 28th June 2021, 12:00 -13:30
  • Friday 30th July 2021, 12:00 -13:30

Key Learning

By the end of the webinar delegates will have:

  • Learned about the risks that young people face outside their home.
  • Explored what tools can be used to identify these risks.
  • Considered what steps your agency could take to reduce the risks.
  • Gained insight into how Contextual Safeguarding is changing practice and systems in Hackney Children & Family Service

Facilitator: Context Intervention Unit