Graded Care Profile 2

What is the Graded Care Profile 2?

The Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) is an evidence-based assessment tool developed by the NSPCC.  It helps professionals measure the quality of care provided by a parent or carer in meeting their child’s needs, particularly where there are concerns about neglect.

Access the Neglect Screening Tool

For Non-GCP2 Accredited Practitioners

This tool should be used by all public-facing teams involved in safeguarding who have ‘time limited’ contact with children under the age of 18 and/or people who use adult services who have children, to help them quickly identify children at risk of neglect.  Practitioners who spend more time over several visits with families should use the Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2), a more in-depth assessment tool. Practitioners must be accredited to use the GCP2.

Access the GCP2 Tool

For Accredited Practitioners Only

The GCP2 tool is only available for use by trained and accredited practitioners working in the City of London and Hackney.  Accreditation is achieved by undertaking an assessed one-day training course provided by the CHSCP. More information can be found here.


This list of FAQs highlights some of the key queries practitioners may have about using the GCP2.

Threshold Tools

How the GCP2 grades translate to local thresholds and the responses that should be considered for each grade.

GCP2 Case Study

A case study showing explaining how the GCP2 works in practice, improves practice and delivers impact.

Parents / Carers

GCP2 guidance for parents / carers

Young People

GCP2 guidance for young people

GCP2 Infograph

An infograph explaining the GCP2

GCP2 Champions

A number of GCP2 Champions are in place across health, education, children’s services and the voluntary sector who are helping to deliver GCP2 training and to embed GCP2 in to practice.